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The reason I am almost exclusively Flickr is that it is just better and more enjoyable and there is no hassle involved, has nothing to do with being honked off at here or having a large ego, it is not even that difficult to garner an average of 300 or so views on any of my photos anymore, your work speaks for itself and people will follow you if your work is good. At the same time I see absolutely no crap and do not seek out anyone to follow anymore unless they follow me first and I check out their stuff and it is good.

The worst things I see on Flickr are no worse than the worst things here and that did not even take much work. If I want to search for a particular subject I simply search within my contacts and something always comes up, if I am looking for a particular one of my photos, same. There is no need to spend time on tags either as your caption information is searched just like a tag so include a full caption, location, line, unit etc and your stuff is a click away.

On top of all that most railfans will "like" anything train related, we are part of the ten percent that will say "no, that sucks" I think here is like that and Facebook totally is. So who cares about those views? I get views from the individuals I really care about on Flickr, and when my shots get explore I get a kinds of accolades from real artists that shoot amazing things that have nothing to do with Choo choos. I have one shot with 40,000 views over there that got 400 here. On average I get around 1500 views a day on all my pictures combined over there even without uploading anything. Over here I never get that unless I upload which is incredibly rare any longer. I just enjoy Flickr so much and the community there is awesome.
-Brent Kneebush
Defiance, Ohio

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