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A good picture is a good pictures - regardless of whether or not it looks like another, or is even a duplicate. One thing that always bothered me about the same as previous rejection was the implication that FIRST images on the 'Net is more preferable then "BEST" images on the 'Net.

But I agree - and have in the past advocated for a separate badge (read: front page ticket to a bigger audience) in addition to Screener's Choice. I've suggested something along the lines of "Screener's Recognition" vs "Screeners Choice". After all, an SC is just a favorite from admin. In lieu of that, heck - just be more generous with the SC's. Why not acknowledge the unique and more difficult to capture, less often presented types of scenes - even if it's not typically what the screener of the hour happens to find appealing. You don't have to like something to recognize the quality of the image.

Lost Gems was another idea - pulling old under the radar images buried deep in the archives and giving them another shot at a large audience.

Alas... who's listening? Even a good FB link can overtake an SC. Forget best, and even first - think link - your own personal SC front page machine.

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