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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Ok, that's it (for now).

You know, I'm a little less concerned about a railfan taking pics on RR property than I am with dimwits like the people in the above shots. So Travis put the camera between the tracks at a grade crossing and got a picture of a train passing over...BIG F'ING DEAL. I think we have MORE to worry about with the type of behavior in the pictures above than a random shot like Travis got.

You people need to lighten up.

Though I partially agree with you, at the same time I think its wrong to have a double standard in the idea that it may be more "okay" for a railfan to trespass than a non rail fan. A lot of railfans on here (as well as other websites, especially youtube) seem to have this same opinion and refer to any non railfan near RR tracks as trespassers with no regard to the fact that they are likely trespassing in one way or another as well to get their shot or video.

Also as a professional photographer, I ENJOY shooting portraits on railroad tracks and paying clients seem to enjoy them as well. I only do them in certain areas that are more aesthetically pleasing to me (no Class 1's, too clean). I also do it in areas where I know I wont be given any trouble or along railroads where I Know that everybody knows me and wont have an issue with me "trespassing". I also know when the train(s) along that line will be running or do it on tracks that are no longer used though technically not "abandoned".

(Watch this post gets bashed as every other post I make on here does)

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