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Originally Posted by John Ryan View Post
It amuses me that we live in such a day and age where everyone spends so much time up in everyone else's business. Why would anyone assume that Travis did NOT have some sort of permission or escort when this photo was made? To do so otherwise would be foolhardy; Travis is no fool.

Please raise your hand if:

1) You have never trespassed on railroad property.

2) You have never taken a cloudy-day photo and posted it to RP.

3) You have never, ever benefitted from so-called "inconsistent screening?"

I think just about everyone here lives in a glass house of some sort. Why are we casting stones? Travis managed to produce an interesting photo. Those whining about irrelevant technicalities here are invited to spend some time taking an even-more-interesting photo of their own.
These would all be valid points if we were bashing Travis for taking the picture. I, for one, am not, and I don't think the OP is either. For me, it comes back to the statement Chris Kilroy made about photos that "appear to be trespassing" will be disqualified for PEQ, etc. Someone else quoted those statements earlier. That's the issue here - not Travis.

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