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I've stayed out of this for a few reasons, just because I know I've trespassed before...

Was Travis's shot worth the risk of damaging his equipment?
Depends on how much he values his equipment for a shot of a GEVO. I know I wouldn't do that.

Was it smart?
Not really, for a few reasons.

Is it a good shot?
It's unique.

The world is seriously getting out of control, when people wory about taking a picture near the tracks... Guys. Calm the heck down.

Did Kilroy contradict himself?

I know I'm going to be banned for this, but... If someone says something, I expect them to live up to it. If a shot that is blatantly trespassing is submitted, it should be rejected. Permission granted or not. Even if Travis DID have permission, if I was the screener I still would have rejected it, just for this reason:

I wouldn't want Travis to get the employee in trouble.
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