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Funny thing about this HDR stuff. I've played around with it a little and have a couple on here, but it's hard to tell.

For example, this shot is not HDR but the effects of a CP filter. This is just how it came out with in single frame, and I've had several e-mails telling me it was HDR.
Image © Chris Zygmunt
PhotoID: 304122
Photograph © Chris Zygmunt

However, because the lighting by Peter Lerro was so skewed, the image was extremely bright on one side. Seeing this, I took several images at different exposures and put them together to get a more even lighting balance.
So this one is HDR.
Image © Chris Zygmunt
PhotoID: 298398
Photograph © Chris Zygmunt

So I see it as just one more tool to correct images.

Chris Z
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