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Originally Posted by Serrator View Post
Chase, is it that I have to be "missing the point", or that perhaps I don't agree with the point presented? I think I completely understand some of the folks comments/opinions/thoughts/hopes, but just because I may not agree or have some other viewpoint consistent with the falls into the realm of interpretation, mine perhaps more strict, while others more loosely. No big deal.
I've gathered that you don't quite comprehend the subject. According to other members, you've been arguing about this same thing for years. To me, that is pointless. If it really bothers you that much, submit an image, or clearly accept the fact that HDR is accepted under certain circumstances, it just has not been clearly stated in the submission guidelines.

Originally Posted by Serrator View Post
"Looking at today's #1 PCA, which is obviously HDR, why is it allowed? I figured it was manipulation. If it's going to be allowed, then change the rules, but, LET EVERYBODY VOTE ON IT."

I am not alone in my estimation of the guidelines.
Today's number one PCA does not appear to be HDR. Would you please elaborate on this? As Jim Thias as stated before, it is impossible to capture HDR on a moving subject.

Originally Posted by Serrator View Post
So my view is validated?? I have been consistent in my view of the guidelines, I can't say the same for others who seem to have shifted their view while the guidelines have not moved one letter. Which is fine, I will continue to honor the original guideline requests and others will see fit to do what they want. I think I may have been the first to even ask about HDR back in '07, so it is of interest to me to see how it developed here. btw all of the above quotes are within the last couple of years.
No, your view is not validated. While you're entitled to your opinion, in this case, facts prove that your opinion is clearly inaccurate. It is an extremely easy thing to understand and why you seem to be having trouble comprehending it, I'm not certain. You can argue all day, but the fact is, you're not quite understanding the reality of the situation. I will explain it again in a simple way.

- RP standards from 2002 state that HDR is prohibited.

- As time progresses, as does technology. HDR become popular.

- RP adjusts to the new technology, therefore accepting HDR, under certain circumstances. Those circumstances being that the image looks "real" and not "fake".

- In 2009, while RP has not updated the guidelines stating that HDR is acceptable, most likely due to the fact that if they do indeed state that HDR is acceptable, the queue will become overwhelmed with fake, horrible looking HDR. With that being said, they limit the amount of HDR that is acceptable and keep it to a minimum. Those who contribute the HDR do so in a decent way, thus getting accepted. I'm quite certain a lot of HDR is rejected.

Does this help at all?

Originally Posted by Serrator View Post
Who said it was "big deal"? Not me. "Fuss", no consternation here, I just asked a simple question and get zinged for if you mean fuss from others than you will have to ask them. I admit I have a interest in HDR otherwise I wouldn't ask such questions and or discuss it. Why do you find it "pointless", I found that this issue is still in the same shape it was 2 years ago...some say yes some say no and the only one that matters is RP and they remain silent IMHO. So are you telling me to stop checking in on any rule changes?
It is a neat discussion and worthy of having a debate, although the two year conflict and the continuing sentences asking the same questions over and over can after a while seem rather pointless to even bother arguing over.

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