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*Sigh...* Am I really the one who has to do this?

Image © Greg Booher
PhotoID: 397761
Photograph © Greg Booher


This is not a shot at the photographer, but I'm a little confused on this one. Two things:

1.) Engine is both front coupled AND coupled to another unit, which is cut off.
2.) Engine is technically facing the wrong way.

Are we that desperate for shots of the heritage units that this gets in? Don't get me wrong, the actual execution of the shot (composition/exposure) appears to be flawless, but I'm surprised that this one "snuck past" the rules of the site. I would be a lot less surprised if this was a shot sent in by NS/Casey, but no, this is just some guy with a grand total of three photos on the site.

FWIW, here are his other two.

Image © Greg Booher
PhotoID: 392955
Photograph © Greg Booher

Image © Greg Booher
PhotoID: 392571
Photograph © Greg Booher
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