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Originally Posted by WMHeilman View Post
Well if the train was blurred, then we wouldn't be able to tell it's a heritage unit at all, unless he lied and put "NS 8105" as the lead unit in the info section. My point is that while he nailed the exposure and composition, it breaks the rules and really shouldn't be on the site. But there's a heritage unit in the picture, so the shot is invincible.

Chase's shot is much better than the other, IMO.
So, what you're saying is that if the train were motion-blurred, it would be acceptable? A blurred train un-breaks the rules? And I wasn't comparing Chase's shot in terms of better or worse.

I just see the pic as a nice night-time station shot which just happens to have a train passing by that isn't blurred, but if it were blurred NO ONE would take an issue with it.
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