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Originally Posted by Andrew Crosby View Post
Sorry if I was unclear. My point is that the Danneman shot says "Unkown" in the train ID and engine number fields. Kent's original issue was that he didn't have that info, and it seemed he was unable to get the shot through on the submission page without it.
Oh, I had read it differently. I had read that he didn't choose the locomotive type. See his original post below.

Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
I tried to upload my first shot, and I'm not sure it went through. I got this message:

Upload OK
You failed to select a valid locomotive. Please be sure you've selected an appropriate locomotive, and try again.

In the "Locomotive Type" box, I typed in, "I have no idea." Really, that kind of thing just isn't important to me, so I don't pay attention to it. For me, there are engines with 4 or 6 axles, wide nose, skinny nose, or high hood. That's it. I really don't care one way or another, at least on diesels. (Steamers are another matter!) The only diesel I can identify on sight is a GP-30. Is there a default I can check--i.e. "generic diesel"? A diesel is a diesel. Did the shot go through anyway?

Kent in SD
In the end, there are ways around this issue if someone really doesn't know and doesn't feel like participating, but as noted before - why not, if you have the ability to find it?
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