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Originally Posted by 4kV
because I felt the compelling need to drop it onto the concrete 5 feet off the ground
Ouch. If you're shooting with a Canon EOS, you're more than welcome to use my tele lens.
Seems I end up in Princeton nearly every Saturday and a lot of Sundays. There are a couple morning EB shots I really wanna get, just can't get the trains to cooperate. Also, if you like SD9's, the AWW usually runs on Indiana Southern south of Oakland City on Fridays to one of the mines along Hwy 57. They were out there today.
Not sure if they're on this forum or not, but it was Foamer Central at the CSX/NS diamond in Princeton last Saturday. Never seen so many rail fans in one place!
I am sure you probably saw the const south of Princeton, CSX is double maining from Princeton to Kings, hopefully even further next year. The bonus is that when the trains ask for permission through the work area they give their lead engines. If it's the usual trash you can save your gas from trying to find a shooting spot
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