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The Giti Tire is hiring a lot of people. It's located on a tract of land where it cannot be seen from the road. One of these days, I'll drive down to see what I can see, although I suspect that won't be much railroad wise. The railroad would come up from the other side of the plant and my understanding is the Phase 1 was always planned to open without railroad access.

With that said, a new company has moved into an old textile mill in Lancaster. MAKROchem, a supplier of carbon black for the rubber and tire industry, is investing $7.5 million in its first U.S. distribution facility, creating 20 jobs in Lancaster. I went by this past weekend and saw three new spurs going in. They will ship cars out to Giti Tire, but it's possible some will ship offline, too. Nice to see Lancaster getting some new rail business. First was the propane facility in Pleasent Hill.
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