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Hi Dave,

I'm really scratching my head on the IQ issues with these. IIRC, you were shooting with a high-end (FF) Nikon, which should be able to handle all of these situations with ease....even the shot in the woods should look awesome. If you hit the exposure within a stop, you should not see noise.

Perhaps it is something you are doing when resizing the photos or changing formats. I use Lightroom for most of my edits, then export as a TIFF and open in Elements for any issues that Lightroom cannot handle. Then I use Lightroom to export from the TIFF to a 1024 x 683 JPEG at high quality, and run a final sharpening pass on it. That should produce a decent-looking image.

With regard to the photos themselves, the first one needs some cropping help. I'd shave a thin slice off the left, a big slice off the right and another big slice off the top. Whenever I have an image with a ton of featureless sky, I go from a 2:3 crop to a 3:5 crop to get rid of some sky. The woods shot would be OK, but IQ and noise issues need to be dealt with. I'm with Loyd in that I think the 3rd one is the nicest of the batch, but it does have noise issues and I think a bit much contrast.

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