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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Hi Dave,

Congrats on getting this one on:
Image davehewitt
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This foreigner comes to a state I've lived in for nearly 50 years and bags a nice shot in a town I've never even heard of.

Well the next time I visit, possibly October, I will have to look you up Jim and show the town. Well worth a short visit. Vietnam museum, which was closed on both of my visits, Country museum and two sets of railtracks. One is a very short line to Iron Mountain and the other is two track and I have no idea what runs along it or who owns it. Never seen a train running on them. Each day there is a short pickup freight from Gladstone through Powers and to Iron Mountain. Around noon from Gladstone. Returns about five through Hermansville.
My apologies also to Dave in Duluth. I was going to contact him last trip but I never got there. I will try again sometime.
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