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Default Re: Teen Loses Leg To Train

Originally Posted by mojo628
It always seems like a good idea until someone gets hurt.
When I read that, I shudder at the things my friends and I used to do when we were young.

We lived near the Southern RR railyard in Hattiesburg, MS, and I don't know HOW we're still alive: we'd grab onto slowly moving traincars for short little rides, or we'd roll under cars or climb over the couplers -- even knowing that they could move at any minute. Walking across busy trestles was commonplace, and getting caught in the middle happened several times; you just had to know where to jump.

I guess being 10 or 12 years old gave us a feeling of immortality, and the threat of being called "chicken" just did the rest. But if my great-grandfather -- who worked for Southern at the yard -- had ever seen us, he'd have taken care of our notion of "immortality" in a hurry.
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