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Work: 0.3 miles. Moving to my current apartment saves me on the order of 6-7 thousand dollars per year...and there I was wondering where all that money for new lenses came from!

But the savings hasn't translated into additional trainwatching.

From my apartment it is:

11 miles to the UP tracks
21 miles to the first place I actually like taking pictures of trains.

If I'm trying to stick around Las Vegas, I limit myself to the areas between Dry Lake and Jean, 40 miles 1-way from my place.

Other noteworthy places I either visit multiple times per year or should:
It is 76 miles to Ivanpah, 85 miles to Cima, and 103 miles to Kelso, all on UP's Cima Hill.
It's 114 miles on average to the Rainbow Canyon.
It's 128 miles to the Afton Canyon...absolutely no reason why I haven't hit this place yet.
It is 108 miles to the BNSF Transcon at Ibis should I get the urge for orange (143 if I go to Amboy which is 40 miles beyond Kelso).
Cajon Pass is 211 miles away
And Tehachapi is 254 miles distant.

Enough to keep a guy busy all year long!
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