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School- Graduated.
Work- About .25 miles, walk it on normal days.

I do most of my travelling via Amtrak (I ride free, my father is a manager). So, there's $0.00 to get to that location.

Image © Steven M. Welch
PhotoID: 230813
Photograph © Steven M. Welch

That is 0.000 miles from my house. My house is in the photo! The tree is the border between my backyard and the neighbors. AB(2) envies me on this... Living up against the tracks.

Image © Steven M. Welch
PhotoID: 230812
Photograph © Steven M. Welch

About a mile from home, I walk it in 15 minutes.

Image © Steven M. Welch
PhotoID: 240877
Photograph © Steven M. Welch

That's a 15 mile drive, or, I usually take the train there. The nearest Amtrak Depot is about 2 miles from home.

Image © Steven M. Welch
PhotoID: 239013
Photograph © Steven M. Welch

Christie, I take the train to Martinez and give a friend $5.00 for gas money to get to Christie. Not bad, IMO.

Image © Steven M. Welch
PhotoID: 231545
Photograph © Steven M. Welch

Furthest travelled to get a photo on RP. Feather River Canyon is about 600 miles one way. The brand new Tacoma has 7K miles on it, and I've had it for two months.

That takes care of that.

Later this month I'm making another FREE trip to LA, trying to hit Cajon with two RP'ers. Beginning of next month, a long FREE trip to the midwest, hitting Soldier Summit, Chicago, and Omaha. All travels on Amtrak.
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