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Originally Posted by SamD View Post
You would be able to read the destination sign if the CTA kept their cars cleaner. But since IQ wasn't the rejection reason, a discussion of IQ isn't really helpful to understanding what's wrong with the angle.
Well, since you want to hear specifically about the bad angle rejection - the angle is bad. If you want me to elaborate here it is... the angle doesn't work (for me as a viewer) because so much is cut off on the photo, on the top. It isn't framed with anything. Except the bridge and the highway and they are just 'kinda there'.

I know you don't want to hear about other flaws in the photo, but look at them as possible rejections down the road if they ever decide to the let bad angle go:

Just because you can barely make out what the writing is in the photo doesn't mean there aren't image quality issues. There isn't a crisp spot in the photo. It isn't just the train and the smude/salt/snow/ice you credit, look at the road signs and the cars. It is like a soft or possibly blurry photo is trying to be corrected by oversharpening. Image quality is a problem in these photos, sorry for honest feedback. The shadows extending all the way across the tracks are distracting also.

Unless you have some specific personal ethics against it, I don't think you have to worry about spot sharpening. It is much more utilized than you'd think.

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