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I'd wager that the person who created that Flickr site is probably a relatively young person. One of the things I've noticed is that the latest generations are so obsessed with being "connected" that they've completely lost touch with what's going on around them. Parents don't spend as much time with kids in a quiet, electron-free environment where they can impart life values like they used to. Kids communicate through e-mail and social media, instead of looking people in the eyes and talking one-on-one and finding out how they really feel. People can't live without their mobile devices, yet they never listen to the news and are oblivious to world events. They drive down the road, but are so engrossed in their dumb-ass texts or e-mail, they fail to see the human being on foot, that they are about to kill.

Bottom line....when people live in a head's down environment, they just become ignorant. In my humble opinion, the reason people do this sort of thing is ignorance....pure and simple. They have no understanding of why it is wrong.

My $.02.

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