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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer View Post
The following is constructive criticism, the intention is to help you learn (just as I did.)

You did well to size up the light and understand it just wasn't working for the shot you had in mind. But, you took the shot anyway. What I suggest you now work on is self discipline. You look at a scene, analyze the light, and then come up with a shot that DOES work with the light. You resist wasting time on shots that you know in advance will NOT work and instead put that time & effort into clearing your mind so it will be able to put together a shot that will work.
Let's not forget that many of us are not just out there solely to get an excellent shot. The error here is not taking the shot but rather not recognizing it immediately, and for that matter even before it was taken, as being for the personal collection only, and perhaps for having nothing to learn from. There is no lack of self-discipline in seeing a train coming and taking the available shot; I have a zillion of those and I suspect most of us do; it's one way to enjoy the passing of a train.

I am in self-therapy, trying to teach my self to sometimes keep the camera down; but that strikes me as an advanced skill, not for beginners.
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