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Originally Posted by abr View Post
With some rejections, I prefer to run them through the forum before resubmitting. Sometimes there may be other issues beyond the one specified by the screener as the basis for a rejection, so I value having more trained eyes look at an image and alert me to any other problems. Since I'm not as established on this site as many of you are, I also want to tread carefully in dealing with rejected images.
Hi Adam,

I think that's a smart thing to do. When you are relatively new to RP, the more sets of eyes, the better. Too many folks make their entrance by submitting a lot of sub-par images and getting defensive, appealing all of their rejections and perhaps even sending nasty e-mails to Admin. It often doesn't take long for them to wear out their welcome and they get banned. When your goal is to get your images posted on someone else's website, you have to keep in mind that they make the rules, so you have to do everything you can do to conform. It is important to minimize the number of submissions and maximize the quality of each, hopefully showing continuous improvement. Soliciting feedback from folks who have the "recipe" figured out is a great way to do that.

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