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Echoing what Brian stated, there really doesn't seem to be here, but from what I can gather, if you lack light in certain areas, you will get the "too dark" rejection. Flashes have become cheaper (still pricey, but better), and more people are dabbling in it, and some enjoy it, and some do it and back off. I stayed in it because I enjoyed the challenge. Better balance of your light and giving more depth to your subject, not just throwing light at the lead unit and calling it good is going to make your shots more appealing and more likely to be accepted, and you will be much happier with the outcome, which to me, is far more important than getting them accepted on here.

Tom Nanos is a great person to study if you want to take an artistic approach using shadows and selective lighting, his work is top notch. If that is an approach you want to study and master, you can get away with using fewer lights, but much more strategically placed.

Basically, either light your subject at or above the example used above, or take an artistic approach that is not too radical, and you should be well within the standards that are acceptable here. Or, you can do it in a way that makes you happy, RP standards are for this site, not for what makes you happy, remember, this is just a hobby, having fun is all that matters.
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