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Originally Posted by bbrant View Post
I had this one rejected last night.

Looking at it on a better monitor, I can see some things that would be cause for a different rejection. No big deal.

The "This rejection means that the photo is of low aesthetic qualities, does not contain enough rail-related content, or is simply not the type of material we wish to publish." doesn't sit with me. We?!? Only one person is screening. Where's the "we" part? Call a spade a spade and replace "we" with "the screener". Just a suggestion.
I cringe when I get that rejection. A really dis of a rejection. Even if it is warranted, not the type of phrasing I think you want to use with contributors and customers. I mean for no direct compensation we support the site so no need to be caustic.

That being said I am not sure what happened to this image, taken with quality equipment and a quick look and your others look great. Specks in the sky, mottled sky, saturation?. I see very little photos of this type, MOW equipment and not even manned, so a very uphill battle to begin with.

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