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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I scratched my head on the TO24 one too for what it's worth. With regards to your shots; the color is off, the lighting is towards the overexposed side, and it's lacking contrast. Not really a ton of induced blur through the scene either. Overall I feel the rejections are justified when judging the image as a whole.

Loyd L.
Fair enough. I am working off of a new computer monitor and I think I need to better calibrate it. I think that might be causing my issues editing.

As for the blur... yeah, I can see that. For some reason that day the trains were moving fairly slow. It's all good though. You live, you learn, you make better photos next time!

I've had better pans in the past, so its no biggie. I think it just kind of stings when you spend a whole week and nothing pans out how you want. But that's how the cookie crumbles for us sometimes.

I feel better now anyways...
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