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Good afternoon all:

NOTE: I am bystander on RP forums. My RP enjoyment is restoring old slides. I am not a good photographer with an eye for the detail you all have, and what is clearly required for successful photography, especially in the digital age. The comment below is only a question for discussion and opinion. I am not offering criticism of any photographer's material as I am not qualified to do so.

All that said, one thing I do know about is leveling. Obviously I care that a slide has good composition, then good color and light quality. However, I often take as much or more time leveling my submissions properly than any of the other edits. It seems to me that all of these images above (rejected and accepted) are unlevel to my eye, (though Sean's second and third rejections are close). Personally, I like Sean's images more than the accepted one (even the front-coupled is decent), but they still all seem unlevel to varying degrees. I see that a lot on RP.

Perhaps this is how the shots should look and/or I do not understand proper leveling techniques in different situations. Or, perhaps my vision is just warped. I ask this as a curious bystander that wants to improve his slide processing to submit even better images. What do you guys think? Thanks.

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