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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Definitely needs some leveling work. Did you temp fate and walk any closer? I think having even just a peek of the track in the snow cut would benefit the composition.

Loyd L.
Ok, the original intent was I posted it directly after the head on shot and noted in remarks it was to tie in as a followup. I have to admit on its own, just a pile of snow with the plow a little too far off.

I walked in with a friend along the ROW and then I walked over as I was concerned the power might show back up, as it was he had to climb up the plow. Very cold and snow would get very deep so at 60 that was tempting fate. Friend had a scarf wrapped to filter out the cold air, I left my mask in the car.

One of those where it is hard to separate the experience from the photo.


Image © Robert Jordan
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Photograph © Robert Jordan

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