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Hi Daniel,

If it were my site, I would not have PEQ'd this photograph. To me, PEQ says "not relevant, no value, don't ever let me see this again". When I look at this photo, that's not what I see.

Instead, I see relevant and potentially interesting material, but a number of minor execution issues that combine to rob it of much of its appeal.
  • A one-step ladder (or even that step-box that I see) would have gotten you enough elevation to keep that cheap kid-barrier from being foreground clutter.
  • Since the people are not interacting with the subject, or even looking at it, waiting until they exited the frame would have removed them as potential distractions.
  • A slightly different shooting angle might have been successful in removing at least some of the reflection spots that I see on the sides of the locomotive and carriage.
  • The light on the running gear and pedestal looks a tad harsh. I might experiment with curves to see if I could reduce that harshness.
  • Obviously, you can't control this, but that cord (whatever it is) running along the top of the train looks like it doesn't belong. It could belong if the subject were obviously under restoration and work was underway. In this case, it just looks like clutter.

>>>EDIT: Now that I've had a chance to see this image on my home computer, your processing looks fine. Ignore the second to the last bullet item.<<<

I tend not to make judgments as to whether or not RP would accept pictures like this with modifications. After all, I don't own the site. Who am I to categorically state that it would never get in? Even the owners don't totally control content when they have 5 different Screeners. Rather, I would advise you as to whether or not I would resubmit this. In my case, I think I would hold on to it and try to see if I could shoot it again on a day when conditions were more favorable to a richer-looking, less cluttered image.

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