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Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
I know many disagree it seems, but I don't think how rare something is should be the determining factor of a photo. Plus I work at GE so I love the GE wide cabs
It is a determining factor in RP acceptance, however. Specifically, it determines whether or not other flaws (in the eyes of RP screeners) are overlooked. Here, the sun hid behind a cloud and the shot is not destined for RP because it has nothing to offer to override that flaw.

Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Lighting is not favorable for getting acceptance on RP

Also boring, common angle at uninteresting location
Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
Fair enough. Miningcamper's comment about location is valid, however. Distinguishing background scenery, buildings, signals, bridges, or other props will make a photo like this one have much more appeal. The photo is fresh in your mind, and you're still connected to it, but years from now, absent location data, you will look at photos like this and wonder where they are.
Miningcanmper's/Decapod's words are of great value in thinking about the long run.
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