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I think that the artsy types would classify this as what's known as a "merge".....when two major elements in a scene appear to "touch." As I've learned, this is something to be avoided, because it's not pleasing to the eyes. In this case, the merge is particularly undesirable because the foreground element is blocking the leading truck of the train. If either the train had been further back, or the pedestrians had been back far enough so that the nose and front truck of the train were visible, it would have still been a merge and still undesirable, but I think somewhat more pleasing to the eye and may have passed muster. Do you have other frames in which that is the case?

Ten years ago, I would not have recognized this issue and probably kept a frame like this in my collection, even if it was not acceptable to the screeners. Today, with 45 MP images coming out of my D850, and more than 4 terabytes cluttering up my hard drives, a frame like this would probably get deleted before I did any back-ups. I used to save EVERYTHING I shot. Now, I scrutinize the take from every shoot, and I probably delete 25% - 50%.....merges, clutter, soft, rods-centered, smoke-outs, closed eyes, bad compositions. A lot ends up on the cutting room floor these days.

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