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If they were positioned somewhere other than where they are I could get on board with you Bob.

Originally Posted by KevinM View Post

Ten years ago, I would not have recognized this issue and probably kept a frame like this in my collection, even if it was not acceptable to the screeners. Today, with 45 MP images coming out of my D850, and more than 4 terabytes cluttering up my hard drives, a frame like this would probably get deleted before I did any back-ups. I used to save EVERYTHING I shot. Now, I scrutinize the take from every shoot, and I probably delete 25% - 50%.....merges, clutter, soft, rods-centered, smoke-outs, closed eyes, bad compositions. A lot ends up on the cutting room floor these days.
I delete the really terrible ones in the field, but I like to hold onto most of what I shoot for various reasons. With the current situation as they are on the local railroads for me, my image vault is what keeps me interested nowadays.

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