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Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
I do the same thing, at the end of the day, hard drives for storage are a lot cheaper than the time it would take me to review and delete photos.
Geez, I sure wish I could bring myself to look at it this way. It's just that now, when I look at folders of images that I shot a dozen years ago, I find a TON of junk and I ask myself: "Why are you keeping this crap?" Fortunately, the keeper rate is an order of magnitude better now, but I still do a lot of bursting in certain situations, resulting in a lot of files, most of which are very similar. I shot an event last weekend, hoping to get perhaps 100 images. I shot 500 frames. Many were people shots and the majority are not keepers. 500 images at 24 MP or 45 MP adds up after a while. Lately, the shoots keep coming fast and furious.

But man, I am with you on the time required to review and make decisions on even just 500 frames. It's a big time-sink, and perhaps it isn't worth it.

Maybe I'm just fixated on not leaving whoever inherits my pictures with a disorganized mess......assuming they don't just pitch it all into a dumpster.

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