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Default washouts

Please look over the following photos:

three miles in on foot, with washed out main tracks as well as the siding at Rux. Weather was nice today but previously rainy and overcast. UP making a big push to get line open, presently other than on foot you can use a Hy-railer. Train is blocked in front and back by washouts. The muddy river is normally 100 yards to the north or more but it actually crested the tracks the lead engine has debris on it;s wheels. East appraoch signals are in the water as are power to the signals. Even a number of grease boxes landed up in the drink.
It appears that they are trying to open the secondary dirt road to bring in heavy equipment. On top of the damage to UP tracks the area also house a working cattle ranch the cows didn't do well either, a number of dead ones scattered a long our foot route in the brush. Looking at the dried up bones as well it seems the trains have not been kind to them either.
for addditional pictures of the derailment other than this site try Brett's website the two of us hiked out together
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