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Default Recent Rejection

I received a rejection for this upload this morning.

- Poor lighting (Cloudy): Common angle cloudy day shots of common/standard power are generally not accepted.

Now I can understand a rejection for a cloudy image of some common eveyday Dash-9 or GEVO, but this image is very special. For one this was the first run of a Baldwin S12 #301 on SMS's Albany operation. Unfortunately it was cloudy on this day as was the second time this unit ran down to Delanson. Keep in mind that the last time a Baldwin product ran on this line was back in the late 70's. This was the first run and I though that a shot at Altamont was fitting being one of those classic D&H locations even though it was extremely grim that day. #301 made the run down to DJ to interchange with CP and then back to the park that day and was drained when shut down. It was used for a short time in the park for switching and even used on an emergency run to Delanson again until an unfortunate engine failure which has since sidelined this engine. It was sent back to Jersey and is not being repaired anytime soon. There are no future plans at the moment to ship another Baldwin up either. I guess I should have mentioned this info in my description to give the moderator some added background but since I was in a rush to speak with a customer at out business I should have waited.

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