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Originally Posted by baldwin8 View Post
Looking for help with this one.
First submission came back horizon fault. Thought I corrected and it returned again for sharpening. Now again for Horizon.

Maybe I just don't have an eye for it. But which way should I move the horizon?

Clockwise or Anticlockwise.

Thank you for viewing.


Hi Craig,

I wouldn't rely on your "eye" to level your pictures. In most photo editing programs, you can superimpose a grid of vertical and horizontal lines over the image. Do that and level the shot with the locomotive verticals. This method is far more precise than just eyeballing it.

This is actually an easy one. It gets more difficult when the train is going around a curve and/or uphill/downhill at the same time. It's really tough when you have all of that and complex lens distortion to deal with.

Slap a grid on this one and you'll be done in 30 seconds.

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