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Originally Posted by crazytiger View Post
I think I'm going to go for a 50D, but I was wondering, how's the ISO performance, especially versus the 50D?
I think the best resource for info is DPreview. Their review of the 50D includes some comparison photos with the 40D as well as other competitors. I'll post the link, but here is the specifically relevant info you're looking for from the review. Note that the 40D only offers up to 3200 ISO, whereas the 50D extends up to 12800.

"■High ISO performance worse than 40D
■Reduced dynamic range in the shadow areas compared to EOS 40D
■Per-pixel detail not as good as on good 10 or 12 megapixel cameras
■High-end lenses required to get the most out of the camera
■Poor white balance performance under artificial light
■Flash must be up for AF assist lamp (although AF is good even in low light)
■Live view not as accurate as on 40D (framing very slightly off-center, in contrast detect AF mode not possible to magnify right out to the extreme corners)"

For the full 50D review, see here:

Of course, you might want to take a look at the review for the 40D as well. After reading up on both, I kind of came to the conclusion that the 50D probably wasn't worth the extra expense over the 40D. To me it seems like the next logical step after the 40D, if you want to stick with a crop sensor, is to go to the 7D. Of course, I really want a 5D Mk II so I can actually make use of the wide end of wide angle lenses, but that's not in the budget.

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