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Not sure what the fascination on RP with blurry foregrounds is? Had you used a higher f-stop, it would have been more appealing in my opinion. I'd go with PEQ, but since you got bit by the crop monster - my thoughts would be it's a bit tight up top. Maybe some more sky to better balance it.

For the other - I'm gonna go with luck of the screener. In your case, bad luck I guess.

I'll assume the "extra" on the bottom was not appealing to the screener. Some like more sky - even if it's dull, while others like more foreground - even if that too is dull. Others will tell you there simply was no shot to be had on that particular day.

You could resubmit with more sky less foreground or maybe go more panoramic to reduce the amount of "extra" on either the top or bottom.

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