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In combination with the Rickenbacker Airport, the concentration of warehouse and distribution centers and an excellent highway system, this project supports central Ohio's growth toward becoming one of the nation's advanced logistics epicenters.
I'm finally getting to this thread after 3 months, and I can tell you what- I sure as heck hope that the city and state are already planning on widening I-270 on the south side of town to 6 lanes as well as fixing the god-awful interchange with I-71 that was designed in the '60s when there wasn't any traffic to speak of. (I'm almost certain they're not being proactive) There are simply too many tight/slow ramps with heavy merges (four lanes into two in about 1000ft) that could potentially cripple traffic in this stretch.

At least they caught the highway sniper that made a mess of that area a few years ago.

Otherwise, this is a great addition to our city!
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