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Default they don't like us in mexico, either...

last week, i was in toluca, mexico for yet another business meeting. toluca is about two hours west of mexico city.

after the meeting, i bought a city map and made my way toward the nearest set of train tracks hoping to find some FERROMEX locos to photo.

i found the tracks, and an old, abandoned platform to photograph from. there was a switcher working the yard and some other TFM equipment scattered about. nothing terribly interesting happening, but enjoyable, all the same.

the tracks were on the edge of a neighborhood, so there was an amazing amount of pedestrian (and canine) traffic crossing the tracks while the trains were moving about.

i was a little nervous standing there with my digital camera in hand, but no one bothered me. almost...

i was about done taking pictures and getting ready to head back to my car, when i heard someone say something (in spanish) behind me. i turned and noticed a young fellow (20-ish) walking toward me.

an adrenaline rush kicked in as he got closer. i thought that he was going ask for money or worse... go for my camera.

he repeated his statement, "tienes una permitta para photographia?"

i understand enough spanish to gey by - he was asking me if i had a permit to photograph the trains!


i gave him my best "dumb look" and acted like i did not understand what he was asking me.

he repeated his question.

another dumb look.

i was hoping that if i acted dumb enough, he would just walk away, or tell me to leave.

instead he pulled a walkie-talkie out of his jacket pocket and started communicating with someone.


adrenaline goes into overdrive, at this point!

i am imagining that he is calling in the reinforcements (the federales), and i am about to disappear into some mexican jail - never to be heard from again.

he motions for me to walk with him.

i play dumb again, but reluctantly begin to walk with him.

for one very brief moment, i contemplate making a run for my rental car that is parked across the street.

then i imagine myself getting tackled in the middle of street and making a bad situation even worse.

wisdom DOES come with old(er) age.

so, i follow barney fife to wherever we are going.

we walk to the end of the platform. i am expecting to see the local police office.

luckliy, it is just a small railroad office.

barney motions for me to enter.

once inside, i notice a young kid - even younger than barney - sitting behind a desk (if this kid wasn't still in high school, i'll eat my camera!).

i am very relieved to see that he is not wearing a uniform or a badge - and no gun!

he asks me (in spanish) why i am taking pictures of the trains.

again, the dumb look repsonse, on my part.

i tell him that i don't speak spanish (in english).

surprised, he says, "no spanish?"

i say, "no spanish", while trying to remember NOT to speak spanish to him.

he waves his finger and says, "NO PHOTOGRAPHIA!"

i act like i finally realize what they are talking about. i motion that i will leave.

luckily, that is all that they want me to do.

i just wish that barney would have told me to "vamoos" in the first place.

anyway... i did manage to get some photos... just nothing worthy to post.

just another day in mexico...
best regards,

jeffrey fusaro
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