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Originally Posted by hoydie17

One has to wonder how, if possible you can obtain a permit to take those photos? I wonder if KCS public affairs would enlighten you as to the motions required?

this question kept me thinking last nite...

i doubt that "a permit" is really available. is it really likely that a railroad would give me permission to trespass, possibly interfere with work, or worse yet, get injured?

kinda doubtful.

i think that barney's question was;

1) purely rhetorical. he wanted to see what i would say. if i said "yes - i have a permit", he'd ask to see it. and, i'd be busted - like i was. if i said, "no - i don't have one.", he'd ask me to leave, or follow him to the security office - like i had to.

or (more likely)

2) as was mentioned by mike, it could have just been his way of trying to get "a tip" (a "bribe" seems like such a harsh word - don't ya think?).

"wow! do you mean that i can buy a permit from you - right here on the spot - and i can take picutes of trains all afternoon??? and it will only cost me 100 pesos ($10.00)!!! this is my lucky day!!!"
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