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Default Boycott Adobe!

I am really getting upset with Adobe. I have been a Photoshop user since a version of PS came free with my first printer many years ago. Back in those days a single version worked for both Mac and PC. Since then I have purchased many versions, especially since they decided I needed different versions for Mac and PC. But Adobe seems to be getting into my pocketbook just a bit too often now with new versions and quickly abandoned older versions.

I am appalled that PSE 5, which I purchased just over a year ago, not only has been superceded by a new version, but is getting absolutely no support from Adobe. No support means no updates for raw converters as new cameras come out.

Four years ago I invested significant money in their Creative Suite Premium (CS2). That was a big bucks investment. Not only is CS2 no longer supported, but its successor CS3 is no longer supported. I can understand the need for new versions as technology marches on, but the lack of support for expensive not that old software smacks of greed and a screw the customer attitude.

Adobe has for a long time enjoyed a near monopoly on the serious graphics market, and their products are good. But I wonder how many customers they are pissing off.

I for one will be making a major effort to learn how to use Apple's Aperature, which seems to be a reasonable alternative for many purposes. And so far CS2 is doing what I need it to do, with the exception of the camera raw interfaces, which I can work around. My future business with Adobe will probably be limited to the occasional investment in a cheap version of PSE that I will treat as throw away software.

Of course, I'm an old fart used to keeping my cars for 20 years, and having a hard time adapting to the fact that all computer stuff is throwaway.

Just blowing off steam!
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