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Default A Little Cropping Help Please

I've been fooling around with this photo and tried cropping it a few different ways and I've been rejected a couple of times for bad cropping.

Maybe I'm just trying to get too fancy and thinking about it too much. I think the shots that are basically head on and centered are pretty boring unless there is something interesting in the background. Since a red brick house isn't that interesting I've been trying to find other ways to crop this one. I was trying to give the effect like the train has somewhere to go, plus I personally like the way the bare trees look. My first attempt was to crop it so the whole tree on the right side is visible vertically. I thought it looked pretty good when it was a thumbnail but when it was full size it didn't look right, and the screeners agreed. This one is also getting the boot for bad cropping. What do you all recommend to improve the cropping. The master photo has plenty of space that I cropped off on all sides so theres enough there that I can crop it pretty much any way. Let me know what you think.
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