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The most I have gone with an image is about 4 times. I will usually shelf the photo if it doesn't work after one or two submissions.

Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I typically will go with the three strikes and you're out philosophy. There's been a few times that RP was taking the picture in a direction I didn't want to go, so I took it out of the game instad of having what I thought was a subpar shot in the database. One exception was tis picture -

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Photograph ©

I felt strongly about it then and I still do. Also, it was my first and only FEC shot, it was of a GP40-2, not one of their EMD wide noses, and I just plain liked it. It kept getting various rejects for common/cloudy, bad contrast, etc. But I kept pushing. I asked advice in the forums, switched from color to B&W, then back to color and if I remember right, was told by a screener that it was workable. I must have gotten ten rejects before it made it on.

As I recall, it was almost a Top of 24 that day and since it still gets a fair amount of hits. Until recently, I don't recall seeing a shot of the FEC in the database from this side of the bridge.
Joe, I couldn't help but notice that this image seems to be in need of some counter clockwise rotation. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Nice shot!
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