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Yeah just next time another time so hope when I catch that train when I take shot and the sun behind me. I am need to know better by myself


Wow, you are brilliant! But, one thing I stuck because I was tried catch soutbound like 12G, 67T and (possible as 852 train) because of winter day while they run at early morning too darkness but I think so that if RP accept that when I take 12G or whatever when while at darkness (early morning). Just wait till daylight in summer look more better than winter day. That somehow I stuck with winter and I taken shot at early noon.


That trees behind me and right side plus the sun at on right side and, I am into forests stay away from sun but sorry I was wrong as way.


Okay, I will be try to work on it and, create that scene like paintshop or photostop that which most I use photoscape, photofiltre and, (sometime with gimp) But, I want take to another time as expect.

crazytiger and John Fladung,

Yeah, may I like this, so I need to fix that photo or just re-again photos at next another time.

- David
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