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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
I think that's standard 'fan gear in Alaska; just ask Dave Blaze...
Correct. For survival purposes and for protection from ubiquitous large, furry critters, carrying a shotgun in Alaska is probably a good idea. And, since everyone else up there is of the same mindset, you're unlikely to run afoul of any LEO who thinks you're up to no good.

In the lower 48 however, unless you are hiking in the wilderness (in which case, you'd better be aware of hunting laws, as carrying a firearm can be considered evidence of such), I am not a fan of packing while taking train pictures. Even if the proposed photo location is a "bad" part of an urban area, I would suggest that no train picture is worth the risk of a gunfight and as David Honan suggests, any encounter with an LEO is far more likely to be unpleasant if you are carrying a firearm in addition to a camera.

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