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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
any encounter with an LEO is far more likely to be unpleasant if you are carrying a firearm in addition to a camera.
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I beg to differ. While in transit on an overnighter to get this shot, a local LEO stopped me because I DID do something stupid in the form of a moving violation. At my first spot, I had her tucked in my waste band, which got uncomfortable driving, so I removed it and placed it under my center seat armrest. Got pulled over at about 0200, pulled off in the first well lit area and turned my dome light on and made no other moves. LEO walked up and asked me if I was lost (because of my bonehead move), and I answered "yes sir, but before we go any farther, you should know that I have a 9mm under my right elbow". I am thinking it is either I am going to be looking down the barrel of a .40, getting dragged out and placed spread eagle, or it won't be a big issue. It ended up being the latter with the LEO requesting to see my CCL with my driver's license, not even a written warning, let alone the ticket that I SHOULD HAVE got, and the LEO told me how to get the bridge in the thumb and even did a few "roll bys" through out the night, checking on me.
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