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Quite a number of long-timers clearly don't "go for" it any more. You can probably list the names of the alumni better than I can. One of my personal friends who has been at this far longer than I recently threw in the towel. Don't know if we'll see him again.

It is irritating to spend an evening making an honest effort to cater to the all of the site's idiosyncrasies and address previous rejection reasons, only to have it kicked back without any reason at all. The nit-picking would be more understandable if it were really marginal shot, but I don't see it in that category. It's never going to be a To24, but is probably a hair more unique/interesting than the dozens of featureless diesel-wedges that are accepted every day.

If nothing else, it would be nice if they could fix the code so that reasonless rejections trigger some sort of alert for the screener.


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