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Having the full blown flu, for some reason I feel like being of extra help tonight. Let me start with the original poster, Nick.

Nick, you should be encouraged to take photo's at any time, any where (without trespassing or if you have to step in the ROW for one shot, make it quick), in any weather. Now, for RP acceptable photo's, light is the key. Now-a-days at least. With technology on the rise it seems our expectations are rising too. But anyways, if I were screening, and there was no evidence of a blown sky or a dark photo, then MAYBE it could get in. But you still run the risk of the cloudy rejection. If you were to submit a photo where the scene looks sunny but if you have the train in shadow, I wouldn't see the appeal in the photo at all, but that's RP standards, don't trash the photo, keep it for yourself. But like I've said in the past, go wide or do whatever it takes to get the focus off of the bad part(s) of the photo, whether it be shadows or something blown out. Make it interesting, a shot calls to mind, one of my fiances:

Image © Jennifer Hickman
PhotoID: 231249
Photograph © Jennifer Hickman

See how she zoomed in on the nose to take attention off of the shadows everywhere else? So to answer the question, you're going to have to make it look interesting. If the scene is sunny but that 5% of the scene where the train is in shadow, eh. I'd wait for better conditions to be honest.

Rob, the location and the time there just do not add up. Way too much shadow, even still on the nose for my tastes. Try to avoid this.

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