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Originally Posted by Joseph Cermak View Post
I didn't go out an find it, I just happened upon this while browsing the day's uploads. I get that many of you here in the forums don't seem to like this type of composition, which is a totally fine opinion. I am a fan of this style of bridge composition, and simply posted the example for further discussion, not to be a contrarian. I have listened to the advice given, but nearly all of it only applies if I go back to this location.
I totally understood your point of posting that pic. If you feel you'd like to try that approach, might as well give it a try. You are the one who should be happy with the shot, no one else.

But I'd also try my suggestion as well. If you've got a good zoom lens, you can stand back further, get the shot, and then get plenty clear of the ROW before the train gets anywhere close to you.
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