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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
I don't think I have zero interest in advancing but here I have less than 100% interest in making an effort that may yield no results, especially when I have plenty of 70's stuff then 90's and even later that I have only scratched the surface.

A while back I had train in the rain that people here thought was pretty good but rejected, I'll probably try to bring it back sometime but it had PAQ. I had a night shot of a barge illuminating a railroad bridge, I was thrilled when I took it, PAQ. A train coming out of the fog at the shot tower in Dubuque, PAQ. These were actually pretty straight out of the camera. I understand the concept of continuing to try but after a while you get the idea that either you are not good enough or it is not what is going to make it.


As I've been told here on the forums before, "Shoot what you like and what makes you happy, its RP's site and their tastes...." Just because they dont like it doesn't mean your not good enough. If we never try, how we succeed?

As to the thread's question, I process to adjust to the way the scene was when the shutter clicked. Lighten/darken it a little when camera got it wrong, level it it cuz I wasn't thinking fast enough and sharpen it a bit for RP's tastes and I'm done....
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