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Cool Thanks Dennis

Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
If need to be inspired by superb, cutting edge photography, and not just the rail kind, I come here.
Thanks for providing that link. Do not think I have seen it before. Spent a lot of time last night looking at the whole thing. Perhaps I should take back all my criticism of RP screeners, but a lot of the images I had not seen before, which I suppose is one of the challenges of much volume of mediocre stuff the great stuff gets submerged.

Thanks to JMF for "curating" the album us.

The album really highlights the diversity of creativity. Hell, even a few of mine crept in. But it also highlights what is not in the album. There are a lot of really good images that are not "creative" enough to pass JMF's test, which is not a criticism just a reflection on the diversity of "good" images.

Part of my frustration with this discussion is the complexity of most of the answers. Not many rights or wrongs, a lot of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I have never "studied" art beyond the typical introductory course, so my level of ignorance is high. But I am stuck on the concept of variety. I have a hard time categorizing what I like and don't like because it is so divers, much less the differences between what I look to produce myself and what I enjoy seeing others produce. What I like to produce is formalist and narrow is style. But what looks good to me by others can be incredibly diverse, stuff I never would or could do myself.

For example, it is hard for me to consider how much post processing is done as any kind of relevant criteria. I all depends on the result, there are plenty of over processed pix out there and probably an equal number that would look better if they had more processing.

Dennis, thanks for starting an interesting discussion.
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